Emsculpt Body Contouring Helps Burn Fat and Build Muscle

Emsculpt is a non-surgical FDA-approved treatment to build muscle and burn fat in stubborn areas such as the abs, thighs, calves, biceps, and triceps. Emsculpt is an electromagnetic device that pulses rapidly to produce thousands of muscle contractions to swiftly build muscle and trigger your body to rapidly burn excess fat. 

A 30-minute Emsculpt treatment is the equivalent of either 20,000 sit ups or 20,000 squats while laying down. 

Do you want a non-surgical, non-invasive way to tone your tummy and lift the buttocks? Emsculpt is a no-pain approach to eliminating unwanted fat while building muscle in the Toronto GTA, offered at BodyContouring.Clinic. In addition, the Emsculpt creates the world’s first non-invasive buttock toning procedure.

What is Emsculpt?

Emsculpt is an FDA-cleared energy device that provides body contouring with no pain and no downtime. It’s known for its ability to help the body build muscle mass and burn fat. 

How does Emsculpt work?

This effective and safe treatment contracts muscles beyond what standard physical training can do. Emsculpt yields better results than physical training by enhancing fat metabolism and improving muscle tone.

Several clinical studies revealed a series of four Emsculpt treatments resulted in sculpted and defined muscles as well as fat loss.

Benefits of Emsculpt

  • No pain

  • Non-surgical

  • No downtime

  • Builds muscle mass

  • Burns fat

  • Produces better results than working out at the gym 

  • Lifts the buttocks

  • Defines the abs

Am I A Candidate?

Anyone can benefit from the EMSCULPT procedure.

What Does It Feel Like? 

The EMSCULPT procedure feels like an intensive workout.

Is There Any Downtime?

The EMSCULPT is non-invasive and requires no recovery time or any pre/post treatment preparation.

How Fast Will I See Results?

Positive results are usually reported two to four months after the last session. 

What areas of the body can be treated by Emsculpt?

Some of the body areas that can be treated with Emsculpt include:

  • Buttocks

  • Abdomen

  • Thighs

  • Triceps and upper arm area  

Emsculpt is an FDA-approved treatment that is safe for ideal candidates in Toronto. Emsculpt has minimum risk, no pain, and no downtime. However, the following temporary side effects after the treatment have been experienced and patients.  

  • Intramuscular fat decrease

  • Sore muscle 

  • Temporary muscle spasm

  • Temporary joint and tender soreness

  • Possible skin redness 

Delivering almost 20,000 muscular contractions per 30-minute session, Emsculpt increases the strength and tone of the gluteal region to help even athletic and fit patients take their buttocks to the next level. The unique application of the HIFEM technology, penetrates through skin to impact muscle tissue. 

Results to Expect from Emsculpt Body Contouring Treatment

In clinical evaluations measuring the efficacy of HIFEM therapy for non-invasive buttock augmentation and lifting, patient satisfaction levels averaged high, independent of weight loss. While 95.4% of participates reported satisfaction with treatment results and 85% reported significant improvement in lift and muscular tone of the buttocks. 

Bringing an entirely new technology to the category, Emsculpt utilizes HIFEM® energy to induce powerful muscle contractions which builds muscles and burns fat. FDA-cleared for the improvement of abdominal tone and strengthening of the abdominal muscles, Emsculpt helps patients achieve next-level, contouring results.   

The current approach to body shaping is through circumferential reduction; however, overall body contour is affected by muscle structure as well. Emsculpt goes beyond waist line reduction to address abdominal contouring through muscle tone. Our clinic is thrilled to now offer this combination to patients.

Muscles represent about 35% of the human body, but existing aesthetic treatments only address fat. Emsculpt introduces a first of its kind application of a unique magnetic field. HIFEM technology penetrates through skin to impact fat, as well as muscle tissues. Once penetrated, the energy induces 20,000 supramaximal muscle contractions that are accompanied by a rapid metabolic reaction in fat cells to not only strengthen and build muscle, but also reduce fat. This is the ONLY technology that builds muscle and burns fat simultaneously, all while leaving the surrounding tissues unaffected.

Tested in five unique abdominal clinical studies, utilizing all four established methods of evaluation including MRI, CT, Ultrasound, and Histology, Emsculpt delivered consistent results in muscle gain and fat loss:

  • 19% reduction in subcutaneous abdominal fat

  • 16% increase in muscle mass

  • Average waist reduction of 4.4cm

  • 96% satisfaction with treatment results

For optimal results, our clinic recommends four 30-minute treatment sessions over the course of a two-week period. Best results will be seen after 3-months with continued improvement over a 6-month time period.

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Achieving a slimmer, more sculpted appearance is possible with the help of Emsculpt at our clinic. If you are interested in discussing this procedure or need more information, please call us 647-699-7645 or visit bodycontouring.clinic

Emsculpt Body Contouring Helps Burn Fat and Build Muscle

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