Body Sculpting Toronto – What Is HIEMT Technolgy?

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With High Intensity Electromagnetic Therapy, body sculpting Toronto clinics are becoming increasingly popular. You may have wondered if this innovative treatment could help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Whether you’re looking to burn fat, kick off a new fitness routine, or target stubborn muscle groups, HIEMT body sculpting Toronto clinics may be able to help — and the best part is, this treatment requires zero downtime. In this article, we’ll go over how HIEMT body sculpting works, what treatments feel like, and what to considerbody sculpting toronto before getting HIEMT.

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What Is HIEMT?

HIEMT is a body contouring device that helps patients burn fat and build muscle. The HIEMT machine uses High-Intensity Electromagnetic technology to induce deep muscle contractions called “supramaximal” contractions without affecting the skin. During one 30 minute treatment session, a patient’s muscles in the targeted region of the body contract approximately 20,000 times — far beyond what the human body is capable of achieving on its own.

In addition to strengthening and building muscle tissue, these supramaximal contractions catalyze a process within the body referred to as lipolysis, where fat cells are broken down and eventually excreted. Patients are left with stronger muscles, better definition, and a reduction in stored fat cells.

Currently, HIEMT can be used to treat the following regions of the body:

  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks
  • Triceps
  • Biceps
  • Calves
  • Thighs

How Is HIEMT Different From Other Body Contouring Methods?body sculpting toronto

HIEMT is unique in that it not only burns fat but helps build muscle tissue as well. The contractions caused by the HIEMT machine help strengthen muscles, which can also improve posture around joints and in many cases reduce pain. HIEMT can even be used in conjunction with physical therapy to help strengthen certain muscle groups after an injury. This sets HIEMT apart from other body contouring methods such as CoolSculpting, ultrasound, radiofrequency, and laser treatments which only target fat burning. 

HIEMT can also be considered as an alternative to invasive procedures for patients that do not want to go under anesthesia or have extensive time for recovery. More and more patients are opting for non-invasive HIEMT treatment instead of surgeries such as liposuction or butt implants because it requires much less time before, during, and after treatments, and poses very little risk of side effects.

What Does HIEMT Feel Like?

During treatments, patients recline on a clinic chair either on their back or stomach, depending on which group of muscles are being treated. HIEMT body contouring is non-invasive and patients do not need to completely disrobe. The HIEMT machine paddles are placed above the area of the body being treated and are secured in place with an elastic band that wraps around the body and velcros in place. Patients can read, listen to music, or use their phones during treatment.

What Kind of Commitment Is HIEMT Body Sculpting?

A full HIEMT body sculpting treatment regimen typically consists of 4 to 6 sessions spread out over 2 weeks, with individual treatments taking place 2 to 3 days apart.

Each HIEMT treatment session lasts approximately 30 minutes. In total, patients can expect to be in the office for 120 minutes broken up over 4 days. Because there is zero downtime required, patients can schedule appointments anytime during the day, including over a lunch break, and return to their normal activities afterward.

Are There Side Effects or Downtime Associated with HIEMT Body Sculpting?

HIEMT body sculpting is a completely non-invasive treatment and as such poses very little risk of side effects. The most common side effect is a feeling of muscle soreness, similar to the sensation one might feel after a vigorous workout. However, the third phase of HIEMT treatment is designed to mitigate this soreness by helping to flush lactic acid out of the body. There is no downtime required after receiving HIEMT, though if you do experience some muscle soreness, you may want to avoid working out for several hours after treatment.

While there is little risk of side effects associated with HIEMT, this treatment is not for everyone. Because the HIEMT machine uses high-intensity electromagnetic technology, patients with implanted medical devices or metal pieces (such as a pacemaker, screws, or plates) should not undergo this treatment. HIEMT is also not recommended for women who are pregnant or have a metal-based IUD (intrauterine device), such as a copper IUD.

Is HIEMT Body Sculpting Permanent?

HIEMT is not permanent but there are things you can do to maximize your results. Many patients begin to seebody sculpting toronto results after their very first HIEMT treatment and typically see continued improvement for up to 6 months after completing their full treatment regimen. HIEMT is a great way to kickstart a fitness routine or build a foundation for a regular exercise program. Patients who regularly exercise the muscle groups targeted by HIEMT treatments tend to see the longest-lasting results. Follow-up or maintenance sessions can be scheduled based on your unique health and fitness goals.

How Much Does HIEMT Cost?

The exact cost of HIEMT treatments depends on the area of the body being treated. Most clinics charge in the range of $600-$750 per session which makes the full regimen of 4 sessions around $2500 – $3,000. At Our body sculpting Toronto clinic, our 70% introductory special can let you experience 8 sessions for only $900.

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Body Sculpting Toronto – What Is HIEMT Technolgy?
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