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Are you looking for a way to burn fat, sculpt your abs, and lift your buttocks? Fancy a machine that’ll give you sculpted abs without you breaking a sweat? How about a body sculpting machine that doesn’t require surgery and delivers fantastic results? HIEMT body sculpting machine that’s safe and clinically proven to tighten and define muscle as it burns fat. Learn what HIEMT is all about, and what it can do for your shape.body sculpting machine

HIEMT is a new muscle-toning sensation that’s the equivalent of doing 20,000 sit-ups in a 30-minute clinic session. HIEMT uses high intensity electromagnetic therapy to work your muscles automatically while you lie back and do literally nothing. It’s non-invasive, doesn’t bruise or hurt you, and there’s no downtime at all. 

This body sculpting machine claims to reduce the abdominal fat layer by 20% while increasing muscle by 18%. HIEMT fully activates your muscles in a way that exercise can’t, which is how it achieves such an effective toning result, It also has a separate action that breaks down fat, so you will be able to really see the muscles it’s toned up.’

There is no doubt HIEMT really works but here’s the catch – that trimmed-down tummy comes at a very hefty price. HIEMT costs nationwide vary, but generally it weighs in at around $500 per session, which is a heck of a lot of money to spend lying on your buttocks. Our current special is only $900 for 8 sessions, a 70% SAVINGS.

You could spend the same amount on a personal trainer and transform your entire body, but of course that would mean putting in the effort yourself.

Find out why HIEMT meets medical standards for body going through the following FAQ.

What is HIEMT?

HIEMT is an electromagnetic device that contours the bodies of men and women. T

body sculpting machine

he treatment is equal to doing 20,000 crunches or squats in 30 minutes. HIEMT is an advanced body-sculpting treatment that slims the stomach and sculpts a beautiful backside.  The procedure has been named as the world’s first noninvasive butt-lift procedure.

How does the HIEMT Body Sculpting Machine Work?

HIEMT delivers electromagnetic pulses that drive your muscles to contract repeatedly during a session. You get results much faster than you could ever get on your own; the results of HIEMT are just not possible through voluntary contractions. The procedure strengthens your muscle fibers at the deepest levels. You drop fat, gain muscle, and tighten up sagging or slack areas to get a toned look.

The rapid muscle contractions also cause your muscles to release chemicals that break down fat in the treatment areas. You drop fat and tighten up sagging or slack areas to get a toned look.

What should I expect during an HIEMT appointment?

After a free consultation to determine if HIEMT is right for your goals, you schedule your session. When you arrive for treatment, you lie comfortably on an salon chair and the technician hooks you up to the HIEMT machine. You simply relax as the electromagnetic pulses target your muscle fibers and start the muscle building and fat-burning process in your buttocks and abdomen.

Is HIEMT painful?

HIEMT isn’t painful at all. You will feel like you’ve had an intense muscle workout afterward, however. You can go right back to all your regular activities after a session, too.

HIEMT doesn’t replace exercise but enhances your results of living a healthy lifestyle. While the treatmentsbody sculpting machine stimulate activity in your muscles, they don’t replace the comprehensive health and physique benefits of regular weight-training and cardiovascular activity.

How many HIEMT sessions will I need?

Optimal results are usually achieved after four 30-minute sessions, scheduled over the course of two weeks. You’ll start to notice your results in 2-4 weeks as your body starts to reconstruct in response to the electromagnetic therapy. Peak results are seen 6 weeks after the 4th to 6th treatment session.

What areas can HIEMT help?

The body sculpting machine is ideal for individuals who are physically fit.  It may be right for you if you lack sufficient body fat to be a candidate for alternative body sculpting treatments or procedures. It been proven to be effective in improving muscle tone in the abdominals, buttocks, biceps & triceps, and calf muscles.

How long is a session of HIEMT?

One session of HIEMT is typically only 30-minute session making it the perfect lunch time treatment. You maybody sculpting machine experience as many as 20,000 rapid muscle contractions during per session.

When will I see results?

Most patients see a noticeable improvement after the third or fourth treatment. The initial results will continue to improve over the next six months. patients experience a 19-29% increase in the amount of fat that goes away and a 16-19% increase in muscle build at their six-month follow-up appointments.


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