Body Contouring Vs Exercise

body contouring


body contouring

Let’s face it, unless you were born with a flawlessly toned body, attaining the fit body you want takes effort. Workouts in the gym on a daily or weekly basis necessitate a high level of commitment on your behalf.

Even with regular exercise and correct diets, fat deposits on your body, such as your tummy, arms, buttocks, and thighs, typically do not disappear. What if there was a simpler approach to tone your body, develop muscular mass, and lose fat? Body Contouring is now available at the Body Contouring Clinics in Toronto, Richmond Hill, and Mississauga.


Body contouring, also known as body shaping, refers to both the surgical and non-invasive operations designed to alter your body’s appearance. Surgery is used in invasive procedures to remove skin and tissue after significant weight loss. Breast lifts and augmentations are both invasive body sculpting treatments. Another invasive surgery for removing fat from your body is liposuction. The goal is to remodel a body part by:
• Building Muscles
• Eliminating excess fat
• Reshaping or contouring the area.

At most body contouring clinics, they specialize in non-invasive body contouring, which are cosmetic treatment used to tone and tighten up the body. These therapies are the most effective methods for removing stubborn fat and increasing muscle mass. Each treatment focuses on the skin, muscles, and fat, reducing fat deposits while boosting muscle mass, resulting in a more toned, “contoured” figure.
Do you have persistent fat deposits in your tummy, thighs, arms, and buttocks that won’t go away with exercise or diet? This treatment is perfect for contouring and sculpting these difficult-to-tone areas.


Lipolysis is a term used to describe nonsurgical body sculpting. Lipolysis can be accomplished in a variety of ways, including:

• Cryolipolysis (CoolSculpting®, for example) employs extremely cold temperatures to eliminate fat cells.

• Injection lipolysis entails injecting deoxycholic acid into the body in order to target fat cells.

• Laser lipolysis (Zerona®, for example) uses lasers to eliminate fat cells.

• Radiofrequency lipolysis (TruSculpt®, for example) targets fat cells with ultrasound waves and heat.

•HIEMT stands for high-intensity electromagnetic technology. HIEMT uses a powerful but harmless form of electromagnetic stimulation to contract the muscles in a targeted area. These magnetic fields create electrical currents, which are passed to the muscles.

Body Contouring can target most areas in the human body.

Common sites on the body include:
• Love handles
• Thighs
• Buttocks
• Back
• Abdomen
• Flanks
• Arms
• Back fat
• Double chin
• Underneath the buttocks
• Legs


Body Contouring Clinic uses the latest HIEMT technology because it is the only body contouring procedure that can BOTH eliminate fat and build muscle. In four 30-minute treatment sessions (at two-week intervals), HIEMT Body Contouring provides proven outcomes for muscle as shown in numerous peer-reviewed clinical trials. At two weeks, post-treatment muscle mass density had increased more than 20% over baseline with corresponding rises in muscle fiber density and mean size of muscle fibers. Across studies measuring via CT, MRI and ultrasound scanning as well as histology, notable improvements in muscle mass (16%) and fat reduction (19%) were seen.


All you need to do for your treatment is lie down and relax. There is a sensation of severe muscle contractions during the treatment. There is no discomfort, no sweating, and no negative effects on the body. It is not necessary to undress. It is recommended that the patient wear sleeveless top and lycra tights (for buttocks & thighs).

Also, 1 hour before or after treatment, do not eat anything.

Treatment time:

• One treatment area takes 30 minutes, with little to no downtime. Multiple treatments (4-6) are usually required to deliver satisfactory results.


It is natural for a person to want to reduce weight, especially if it has gotten to the point where it is affecting their health. People aim to lose weight for a variety of reasons, including improved body shape, self esteem and general physical appearance. You can use exercises to lose weight and sculpt your physique by participating in physical exercises that can assist tone your physique.

Exercises are hard work, and it takes a committed individual to contour the body using this natural method.

It should be noted, however, that in order to maintain your physique and stay healthy, you must eat healthily for both techniques of body contouring to work optimally.

While exercise is excellent for your body, doing it incorrectly or in excess can strain or tear your muscles and cause pain. As a result, you should exercise appropriately and consistently, but not excessively, and attempt to eat properly.

The following exercises might help you achieve and maintain a healthy and toned figure:

Push Ups:
This exercise features the rising and lowering of your body using your hands.

Benefits of push ups:
• This exercise will tone and strengthen your upper body.
• It is an excellent exercise for removing excess fat from the body and achieving well-toned abs.
• It helps to keep you fit by strengthening your muscles.
• It aids in the development and maintenance of muscular density.
• Push ups, when done on a regular basis, help to build a strong core for proper posture.

This is a leg-muscle-focused strength-building exercise. It not only helps to strengthen the leg muscles, but it also aids in the burning of calories, which aids in the reduction of fat. It can also be used to contour and firm up the buttocks.

Benefits of Squats:
• Squats burn calories and help you lose fat.
• It helps to create, maintain, and strengthen leg muscles.
• It enhances your balance and strengthens your core muscles.
• It encourages healthy posture.
• It lowers the chance of ankle and knee injuries.
• It increases and maintains lower-body strength.

This is an activity that focuses on strengthening and toning the abdominal muscles. This exercise is performed by lying on your back and carrying your torso up repeatedly.

Benefits of Sit-ups
• Regular sit-ups help to establish and maintain excellent posture.
• When done correctly, it lowers the likelihood of back pain or damage.
• It improves balance and stability.
• It aids in the flexibility of the spine and hip muscles by loosening them.
• It aids in the development and maintenance of core strength and muscle mass.
• It is a great workout for burning fat and toning the belly.

This is a type of physical exercise consisting of a squat thrust made from and ending in a standing position. When done regularly, this is one of the best exercises for burning fat and calories quickly and contouring the body. It is a muscle-building exercise that helps to strengthen your shoulders, legs, hips, chest, buttocks, arms, and belly.

Benefits of Burpees
• It boosts your metabolism.
• It boosts blood flow and circulation throughout the body.
• If done regularly, it burns fat and calories quickly.
• It helps to reduce blood pressure.
• It helps to improve your cardiovascular fitness.
• It is a full-body workout that increases strength, mobility, endurance, and stability.

In conclusion, body contouring treatments and regular exercise can both tone and contour the body. They are differentiated through the difference in method of achieving a toned body. While regular exercises may be a good way to contour the body, body contouring’s main benefits are that it is significantly easier and less hard work on the person than regular exercise. A secondary benefit is that often regular exercise cannot remove certain stubborn fat pockets that body contouring could achieve. By combining both exercise and body contouring, we believe you should expect a two-fold benefit.

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Body Contouring Vs Exercise
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